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Helicopter Game is a classic arcade game so addicting you won't be able to stop playing :) Will keep you entertained for hours and provide you with a great online experience which will keep you coming back to our site to play this great chopper game again and again! How far can You get?! Try it out! Play and have loads of fun.
Anyway, the concept is simple. All you have to do is hold down the left mouse button to go up, and release the mouse button to go down. Oh, and don't hit anything... Make sure you press the left mouse button to make the Helicopter move, and take care - once released it goes down! The goal is to go as far as possible into the cave, without crashing into rocks, ground or obstacles. Simple, fun, addicting!

Helicopter Game Team

Hello and Welcome to HelicopterGameOnly

Welcome to Helicopter Game Only!

If you are a heli fan, you are at the right place. The central place on this site is reserved for the Helicopter Game, the very reason we exist. But beside that great time waster, we bring to you all kinds of Helicopter Games for your pleasure. Alpha Bravo Charlie, Blade Striker, Bump Copter and other great Helicopter games are here waiting for you. Have fun with us and enjoy your time here at!

A word about Helicopters

Since the beginning of time people wanted to fly. The first mention of some kind of flight is mentioned in ancient China and it grew throughout the time. In the 15th century Leonardo da Vinci created designs for a flying machine that resembled today's helicopters. After that, many famous people were working on finding a right design that would make it fly. The first helicopters arrived in the first half of the 20th century and mass production began half a century later.

Today helicopters are widely used. There are Skycrane helicopters, used to lift heavy objects and move them, then there are helicopters used to fight forest fires which can fill themselves with water which is then tossed over the fire. Air ambulances speak for themselves, the helicopters used to transport patients from remote places or simply to move faster from place to place when there is an emergency. Police helicopters used in pursuit of criminals are definitely helicopters put to good use. And last, but most certainly not least, Military Helicopters which can have different uses like transport or assault helicopters which are heavily armed with machine guns, missile launchers or other weapons. Helicopter tours and helicopter tourism are also a great use of these fantastic machines. Since they fly slowly and steadily you are able to catch a great views and make fantastic photographs.

And at the end let us not forget the toy helicopters, loved by children as much as adults. Remote controlled helicopter is one of most favorite toys for children and adults alike. The fun of controlling heli from the ground is a remarkable pleasure. Assemble helicopter toys are another great way to enjoy these crafts.

Helicopters were and will always be an imagination teaser and will never cease to amaze people! We love them and since you are here with us you must love them too. So, let us enjoy them together here at!

If you become addicted to helicopters and other war machinery, you might also want to experience the thrill of battle and adrenalin rush in other war games online, or to feel the roaring sound of tank while approaching battlefield and destroying all the enemies in great tank games.
Helicopters are widely used in flash games of all types. It is a stereotype that mostly those games fall into war or shooting category. There are others. Stickman Sam 4 game is one of the stick games involving choppers, and had a really great success among the players, since there's a 4th sequel coming out as you can see on
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